WhY Venture Europe Travel?

Who we are?

We are a network of highly knowledgeable vivid young Tour Managers/Guides from around all over Europe. Our office is located in the Heart of Europe at the Lake Constance, where Germany, Switzerland, and Austria meet. All three nations have developed a specific culture around their part of the shore.

Outstanding Tour Managers

We believe that experienced, humorous, and immensely sophisticated Guides are the most important recipe for great tour.

Our guides have diverse University degrees such as: History, Art History, European Global Studies, Music or comparative Religious Studies. We have specialists for each topic of our various tours. We offer lectures/presentations during the trips, so you are able to deepen your freshly acquired knowledge. We think that is one very important addition, to understand the sights and places at a profound level.

Tailorized tour planning

Our approach is that a tour, tailorized to your wishes and needs, has the highest value. With our experience we are more than happy to help you, to put a program together that fits your demands. We find a solution for everything. Our office is constantly realizing your specific wishes, because we want your experience to be as unique individual as you are.

We take care of the precisely planed itinerary, booking of hotels, bus companies and experienced drivers.